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While we offer weekly lessons, our tuition is based on an annual program with 48 weeks of instruction, 45 private lessons and 3 workshops. This 48 week schedule allows for our 4 studio holidays – Spring Break, Summer Break, Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break.

Tuition is calculated as an annual rate divided into 12 equal monthly payments. Each month is different depending on the day of the week your lesson is scheduled. Some months will have 3 lessons while others will have 5, but tuition does not fluctuate from month to month. Tuition is prorated for students starting in the middle of a month.

*GROUP CLASS: Participants in our group classes at the Fort Mill location will be included in all workshops and recitals, but will not participate in private lessons unless otherwise enrolled.


Our goal with each one of our students is to provide an environment in which students have all the tools, instruction, and guidance necessary to learn the violin. We emphasize understanding the “why’s” before undertaking the “how’s” of violin technique. Each and every lesson is catered to the student’s needs and learning style. Students receive 45 private lessons per year.


Three weeks of each year, our regular lesson schedule comes to a halt and is replaced with Saturday workshops. These workshops are designed to help give our students a more well-rounded learning experience by providing opportunities to learn in group settings. Each workshop is divided by age and skill level appropriately and covers a wide variety of subject matter, from ensemble playing to masterclasses for our most advanced students.


The studio hosts two recitals each year, one in the spring and another in the fall. These recitals give our beginner and intermediate students the opportunity to showcase their progress, as well as develop their comfort level on stage and their performing ability. In addition, we host a concert that exclusively features our most advanced students and gives them the opportunity to perform more substantial works. While we do not shape our lessons for the sole purpose of preparing for performances, we do appreciate the value and importance that these performing opportunities allow our students.


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