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At Boruff Violin Studio, our teaching philosophy in each violin lesson we give is predicated upon understanding the “why’s” before undertaking the “how’s” of violin technique. We believe that a student should learn, understand, and then perform a given task. The violin is an incredibly technical instrument and learning to play it is often very demanding. Our goal is for our students to always be challenged but never overwhelmed.


Each student has their own individual strengths, weaknesses, and learning style. This underlying principle is the philosophical bedrock of how we approach curriculum. We do not strictly adhere to one curriculum. While a certain curriculum may be best for one student, it may be detrimental to another. We perpetually analyze our students’ learning and progress to decide what is best for the next step in their musical journey.

Supplemental Materials

In addition to the core curricula, we also supplement those methods with different etudes and exercises.

  • Hrimaly
  • Wohlfahrt
  • Sitt
  • Kayser
  • Kreutzer
  • Schradieck
  • and more!

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