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Eric's Story

My journey with the violin began as a fourth grader in the San Francisco Bay Area, when an administrator at my school spared a violin from permanent doom in the dumpster and sent it home with me instead. Almost immediately, it became obvious that it was something I had a natural inclination towards.

By the time I finished 8th grade, I had already started teaching my first private student, and as a freshman in high school, I volunteered to revive, organize, compose for, and direct the school orchestra. This provided me with many wonderful opportunities for personal growth in addition to the daily teaching experience.

I had the privilege of studying under several amazing teachers, such as Susan Freier and Dale King, but I began to truly excel after starting to study under the virtuoso and master pedagogue, Ming Shiu Yo. It was under his expert teaching that I won my first of several local solo competitions.

In June of 2016, I moved to the Charlotte area after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in music education and started what would become Boruff Violin Studio. In January of 2019, I accepted the position of music director and president of the board of directors at the Cornelius Youth Orchestras. When my schedule permits, I also perform occasionally with the chamber group Elegant Ensembles. My goal with Boruff Violin Studio is to create a space where students aspire to excellence and are given the tools and instruction necessary to achieve it. If you’re interested in getting lessons for yourself or someone you know, contact us today to sign up for a free introductory lesson!

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